THE LONG SECOND – the first of the self-titled trilogy – was published on Amazon Kindle and all other electronic formats in June 2011. The paperback is now available for order (limited stock for immediate delivery!).

You can buy it on Kindle NOW!

Link for US/International readers here

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Link for non-Kindle/Kindle application users (Sony Reader etc) here

Paperback now available to order – please use the “Buy Now” button on the right.
(Note: If you are living outside the UK there will be an additional postage charge – this is quite a weighty book and not cheap to post!)

Back Cover Copy:

‘HANG ON! Haven’t I already done this?’

Everybody knows that time travel isn’t possible.

But just imagine what you could do: win the lottery, save lives, walk amongst the dinosaurs.

Tony Cole just wants to hold his crumbling family together.

Can he keep his father out of jail and save his parents’ marriage? Can he deal with his brother’s betrayal and prevent the death of an innocent woman?

Only if he learns how to turn back the clock.

Cover Image:

Tony Cole is an ordinary guy doing the most boring job in the world. He doesn’t need to work – his father makes enough money to allow the family to live in luxury.
But his father is a crook, and the money is obtained from false accounting. As the worldwide financial crisis hits, his clients want their money back, and he no longer has enough to pay them. Meanwhile, Ange, Tony’s mother continues to spend in blissful ignorance.
Tony’s brother, Cal, also lives the high-life, treating his own girlfriend with disdain while carrying on an affair with Tony’s girl. Their sister, Debs, is a normal teenager, but a forced change of school finds her marginalised and unhappy until she falls in with the local gang.
It’s by chance that Tony discovers the ability to time-travel, but there are limits. He can’t travel forward, can only travel back to within the same day, and never to the same time (or earlier) more than once.
Faced with so many family problems, it might not be possible for Tony to solve them all. And the burning hatred he feels for his brother might put the life of an innocent woman in danger.
And what of Manuella, the family’s mysterious Portuguese housekeeper, who seems to be everywhere? Can she help Tony to make the right decisions?


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