Marshall Buckley is the Author of The Long Second series of novels, an Urban Fantasy trilogy set in the present time.

The first book in the series, The Long Second, was  published on Amazon’s Kindle in June 2011, with other formats available shortly after.

The second of the trilogy, Broken, was published in July 2011 and the final part will be published in March 2013.

An addition novel – Adam’s Game – unrelated to the series was also published in July 2011.

Marshall Buckley lives near London, UK and in Newfoundland, Canada. At the same time. He has a total of five children, three dogs, five cats and some small fish. These numbers change regularly. He is not as tired as you might imagine because he achieves all this by being two people.

In March 2009 an innocent-looking Facebook post stated “I’ve an idea for a book, who wants to help me write it?” and, after a flurry of posts and emails, Marshall Buckley was born; very soon after, the result (which bears only a passing resemblance to that original idea) was The Long Second.

The sequel, Broken, followed a few months later. The final part of the trilogy will be published very soon – the writing is all done, it just needs a bit of spit and polish.

Playing Adam’s Game is not part of the trilogy. Only Douglas Adams is allowed a trilogy of more than three parts.

Following completion of the trilogy, the future is unknown. There are many ideas on the table and it’s definitely possible that one of them will be turned into a book at some point.


2 Comments to “About”

  1. When is the third book coming out for the Broken series? I am waiting….. the suspence is driving me crazy.

    • Hello Diane
      Thanks for the comment. I’m working hard on book 3, but its not ready yet. I had hoped for a summer release but I think I’m running out of months. I promise it will be out there as soon as I can – and definitely before Christmas.


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