Commercial Break

With the release of book 3 becoming imminent (no, really, we’re at cover-art design stage), it’s time for a gentle reminder of all the places from which the books are available.

Amazon have them available from their many worldwide sites for Kindle owners, and those who wish to read from phones, tablets and computers. Visit or your local site. (Here for UK readers, here for US)

Nook users in the US can purchase from Barnes and Noble’s Nook store. (Here)

Kobo users worldwide can purchase from the Kobo store. (Here)

Sony Reader users worldwide can purchase from the Sony store.

And, if that wasn’t enough, just about all e-reader users can purchase from Smashwords (here) – where you can find the books in just about every conceivable format (including PDF and plain text, if that’s your fancy).

If you desperately need them in paper form, Amazon also have them via CreateSpace, as does the Book Depository – but, really, you’re far better off with an electronic version (don’t think that the high price of the paperbacks would mean more money for me, they’re basically sold at cost price). It’s unlikely, however, that book 3 will be available in paperback – though that might change.

Stay tuned for the official release announcement – as well as some pre-release information (including the title and cover image) soon.


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