The End Is Near

No, not the Mayan stuff, that’s all rubbish (as you all know).

I mean the elusive Book 3.

Yes, really, you didn’t dream that.

I’ve said here before that it’s been a struggle trying to fit all the pieces into place, but it’s nearly there now. A few more weeks, perhaps, or even less.

There’s just one thing you need to know: it’s going to be short. Much shorter than Broken. Novella-sized is probably an accurate description.

The Long Second came in at 115,000 words. Broken was a little trimmer at 80,000. I think this one is going to round off somewhere around 50,000.

Could I make it longer? Possibly, if I really wanted to, but then it would just be filler and there’s every danger than the filler would feel just like filler, and I’d rather not do that.

So, a novella-sized final part. No doubt it will upset some people (I’ve had comments saying that Broken was too short!) but it’s important to just finish this off, to have all the ends neatly tied.

So, soon, I promise. Really.


2 Comments to “The End Is Near”

  1. YEA!!!!

  2. You know, I’m thinking I should take all my books and cut them down to novella size. As an exercise. I wonder if I could!
    Glad to know you haven’t vanished from the world!

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