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February 1, 2012

Was It Worth It?

Along with, it seems, most of the self-publishing world, I’m ┬ánow assessing what happened in January. In particular, following the 5-day free book give-away on Amazon of The Long Second, what impact did that have on sales when the free promotion ended?

I discussed in another post the total sales of The Long Second in the previous 7 months (100 copies).

In the few days at the beginning of January before the promotion started, I sold a paltry 3 copies of TLS and no copies of Broken.

During the promotion, 1618 copies were downloaded (in my previous post I said 1621 but that included the 3 copies previously sold). During this time, sales of Broken also picked up (though I didn’t keep a day-by-day tally of that).

Following the promotion, a further 84 copies of TLS have been sold. Of potentially greater interest, in January Broken sold 60 copies – more than its entire sales in the previous 6 months.

As I’ve already said, these are still small numbers, but they represent a massive increase compared to previous months. I doubt February will be as good (though I’m hopeful that Broken will stay steady as more people finish reading TLS and choose to buy the sequel) as the sales numbers have certainly slowed over the past few days.

But I’m happy. More people know of the books and are reading the books than last year (and a few are even leaving reviews. Hint: if you’ve read the book(s), please leave a review!). From an author’s perspective, what more could I ask?