FREE book!

As part of Amazon’s Select Promotion, THE LONG SECOND is now FREE on Kindle for a limited time (5 days, to be exact).

Why am I doing this? Because it has been shown to raise the profile of a book quite dramatically. Everyone, it seems, loves a freebie.

Won’t I be losing money? Strictly speaking, yes. But not much. And the value of more people knowing about (and reading, and then – hopefully – reviewing) the book dramatically outweighs the small amount of money I’d lose.

I was going to say that I’ve no idea how successful this will be, but the promotion has only been running for something like four hours and already (1) I’ve shipped more books total in four hours than on any individual previous month (2) I’ve shipped more books in the US than the TOTAL US sales over the past six months. So, on that basis, it’s probably proved its success already.

We’re still talking quite small numbers, but if I can ship over 1000 (and, at the current rate, that has to be achievable) then I’ll be really happy. It’s interesting that the ones shipped already have been despite that fact that I hadn’t announced it to anybody…

So, snap up a free bargain while you can. And, if you enjoy it, please consider posting a review (there are no reviews on Amazon US at the moment, so a review there would be really appreciated!)

The link for the US store is here and for the UK store is here. (It’s also available in Spain, Italy, France and Germany but I’m not expecting anything to happen there).

I’ll report back next weekend on the results.


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