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August 3, 2011

July Round-Up

I had considered revealing my actual sales figures here, but have had second thoughts. Not because they are especially bad or especially good but I’m just not ready yet to put them in the public domain.

I will say, though, that July sales were almost identical to June sales. That’s quite positive because more of July’s sales would be to “random” purchasers (i.e. to friends/family/colleagues). They’re also good because sales of Broken – the sequel to The Long Second – have been strong, indicating that readers of the first book have enjoyed it enough to purchase the second (and, presumably, want to find out what happens next).

I’ve stepped back al little from the constant promotion, still smarting from the unpleasant tags that appeared following my early attempts at targeted promotion on Twitter. Again, though, the lack of persistent promotion doesn’t seem to have harmed sales much (if at all).

However, it looks as if there may well be a significant development on the publicity front coming very soon. I won’t reveal anything yet but, if my understanding is correct, then I’ll be able to talk about it very soon (and maybe point you in the direction of it, too).

Finally, The Long Second paperback is now available to order direct from Amazon – though it’s only available on the US site (it’s listed on UK but shown as unavailable). Bets of all, last time I looked, they’d knocked $5 off the price. It’s practically a bargain!

The e-books, of course, remain available on both the US and UK sites. I wouldn’t object if you felt the need to pop over there and buy some…