I’m horribly aware that my good intentions to post regularly here have fallen by the wayside somewhat. To put it simply, life got in the way. On top of that, I had run out of new insights into the self-publishing world.

So, time for a little catch up.

All the books continue to sell, slowly, on Kindle. There has also been a very small number of sales on Smashwords, and I’ve sold all of the first batch of paperbacks.

But we’re still talking small numbers here. Searching for the magic formula that turns the trickle into a flood is proving as difficult as expected. I’ve been seeking reviews from independent sites, but I’m just one of many and the few that have responded have told me there is likely to be a long wait. I don’t mind waiting.

No more Amazon reviews have appeared, which is disappointing as I continue to get excellent direct feedback from people who have read it. While I try not to put too much emphasis on reviews from friends and colleagues, I’m heartened that these are often from people who I had no idea were reading the book, and they then take time to find me and tell me how much they are enjoying it (and, as I had no prior knowledge, then they could have read it, hated it and not told me!)

Hopefully things will begin to settle down and I can return to writing. The third in the trilogy is begging for attention (and I’m already being badgered for it).

In the meantime there’s the small distraction of changing my car (much to my wife’s annoyance!)…


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