Cover to Cover

The more observant amongst you may have noticed a certain pattern emerging in the cover design of the first three books.

It didn’t start out that way.

The basic cover idea for The Long Second was settled in my mind a long time ago. For those unclear what it depicts, it’s a disused brickworks – Tony works in a brickworks in the story and, while little of any significance happens there, it is a recurring theme. The fact the the brickworks in question was just a small diversion from my daily route to work was most convenient, and I spent only about 20 minutes snapping a few pictures. The once chosen was, as is often the case, the first one I took…

The decision to have it in black and white was simply a case of what looked better. It just seemed to work that way. The simple lettering, in a bright colour provides a strong contrast, and it’s oriented vertically to mimic the chimneys (and for that I thank my designer friend who provided many such subtle tips).

When considering the design for Broken, I originally wanted a white cover with some very subtle detail, perhaps of a hospital ward but, once again, my designer friend advised sticking to a theme, and so a b/w picture of a hospital corridor was chosen (I didn’t take this photo – it’s from – reasonable prices if you only need a handful of images).

The lettering: same font, different colour. Vertical alignment didn’t work here and so, instead, designer friend broke the letters (far more effectively than my poor efforts).

Finally, Adam’s Game: this cover caused the most pain. Not least because the book received a change of name (also painful) at the last minute. With the previous two already being b/w images with bold lettering, that part was already set, but it took days to settle on a good picture (again from Shutterstock). I hope I got this one right…

Finally, all the covers feature the Marshall Buckley name with a vertical line in the centre, in the same colour as the title. It’s a nice touch, I think

All the covers can be viewed on Amazon where, by chance, you can also purchase the books…


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