If Not The Devil, What?

Following on from yesterday’s post comes the question “If dealing with the Devil isn’t the way forward, what do I do now?”

It’s clear from recent Press coverage that there are authors enjoying success through other methods. Louise Voss and Mark Edwards are currently riding high in the Kindle charts with their two books – and Mark assures me that the methods mentioned in all the coverage played only a small part in their success (Amazon removed the clever subtitle after only four days).

He claims that it was more about word-of-mouth than anything else, but I can’t help wondering what it was that enabled Catch Your Death to reach the point where simple word-of-mouth is all you need to sustain such a high level of sales.

If there was anything else, Mark isn’t saying. And who can blame him?

I’ve yet to read either Catch Your Death or Killing Cupid – though they are on my list – so I can’t say whether their success is deserved. I’m sure it is, but what makes them more worthy than many other titles that lurk undiscovered in the Kindle Wilderness? Something kick-started them into the public awareness. Maybe it was the Amazon subtitle, maybe it wasn’t.

For me, the search goes on to find that magic bullet, preferably without annoying anybody along the way.


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