Selling One’s Soul

I’ve been quiet on here for a few days, testing out some things, watching and pondering.

And I’ve come to a conclusion: I’m not yet ready to sell my soul to the Devil.

It’s just not me, I’m not that sort of person. Every time I did it, I felt I was crossing the line into what was, frankly, unacceptable behaviour.

This could, of course, explain a lot. Too many good ideas, bubbling with enthusiasm, filled with promise, that have had brief moments in the spotlight before slowly fizzling out and becoming yet another “worth a try”.

This has not, and will not, fall into that category, but equally I’m not out to annoy, irritate or harass people. I just can’t do it. And if you’re one of that small number of people that I have annoyed, irritated or harassed over the past few days, then please accept my apologies. (In truth, I didn’t harass anybody, but that doesn’t mean that somebody out there doesn’t feel as if I did).

I’d already had reservations, but yesterday tipped the balance. Somebody, presumably because I’d annoyed/irritated them, tagged The Long Second with what were, frankly, offensive tags, as well as a couple of less-offensive but no-less incorrect one. Amazon UK have kindly deleted them but it served as a wake-up call.

And then, today, Catherine Ryan Howard posted this short piece, and (once again) seemed to get it completely right.

On the one hand, I’d love to sell a million books (who wouldn’t?). Hell, at the moment I’d be pretty damn happy with 1000. But my motivation is less to do with money (can’t believe I’m saying that) than it is to do with wanting people to read and enjoy my books. I’m hoping the latter aim will just naturally lead to the former over time. Without having to sell my soul along the way.

(Footnote: I’m not criticising anyone here. If you choose to sell your books that way, I honestly don’t have a problem with it, and wish you well. It just doesn’t rest easily on my shoulders. Which is why I’m an IT man working with computers that do as they’re told, and not a salesman, at which I would be rubbish).

Final word: None of the above stops me from saying, to you, Buy My Book! Look, the links are over there on the right. Or you could click this. (Or even, this. Sshh!) Go on, it’s less than a pound!


One Comment to “Selling One’s Soul”

  1. I’ve recently read an article where there has been considerable backlash against authors – to the point where even innocuous things like signatures with links in them have been banned from Even if the author was not talking about their books specifically in their posts. Those signature links are just too “in your face.”

    I despair. How am I, or any author trying to make a living from their craft, ever going to market myself/themselves now?!

    It’s unfortunate that the reader who tagged your work cannot be held accountable for their actions. Keep soldiering on. I’m sure you’ll make it!

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