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May 12, 2011

>New Beginnings


So, it looks like the minor dramas of the past few weeks have come to a satisfactory resolution.
Not, in truth, the resolution I was expecting, but that’s actually a good thing. I was half-expecting to be revealing some significant, but not especially good, news. That’s no longer the case.
So, do I have any news to share? Unfortunately, no. At least, not yet. Things are afoot. Changes are coming. Decisions have been made and, overall, I’m pretty happy with them.
Just a couple more weeks to wait, just to cross some Ts and dot some Is, then all should be revealed.
The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the “Current” gadget on the right has disappeared. That’s because I’m not currently writing, not while all this “stuff” is going on – there’s to much other “stuff” to be dealing with. At the same time, I am writing, but I’m not. And yes, I’m perfectly aware that that appears to make no sense at all. Trust me, though, it really does.
More news in early June. Probably. And hopefully that will be significantly less cryptic.