>Look! Over there!

>Oh dear. I’m very embarrassed. I had no idea it had been almost 2 months since I last posted here. I’m sorry for all those of you hanging on to my every word for the extended silence.

What have I been up to? Well, reading and writing mainly. I’m still loving the Kindle, but also have a small backlog of paper books to get through.

I’m persevering with MW. It’s coming along in fits and starts, but the overall story is still very clear in my mind, I know pretty much all the things that are going to happen to the main character, though I’m now veering away from any personal experience, so things will likely slow down as I have to spend more time on research.

That probably means appealing to the hive-mind that is Twitter. So far I’ve already received some really useful information from Twitter friends, and I’m sure that will continue. Don’t let anybody tell you that Twitter is just a waste of time. Absolutely not.

In non-writing news, I’ve also started another blog. It’s very tongue-in-cheek and won’t appeal to everybody. It’s in the form on on-going open letters to the heads/designers of car manufacturers (so, if you have no interest in cars, it won’t appeal to you). Posts are generally quite short and, hopefully, humorous. Feel free to pop by and have a look: Dear Mr Ford


3 Comments to “>Look! Over there!”

  1. >Nice to hear you're still around.

  2. >The problem is, you can only write the French one in a Blackadder style telegram.Dear Mr (insert French Car Manufacturer)Stop.Regards,Tom.Ex-owner of two Xantias, a ZX, an Espace, and a 21. All of which had weird electrical problems. Thinks wouldn't turn on, things wouldn't turn off, things would change state on their own. Doors wouldn't lock, doors wouldn't unlock (which in one case meant I had a car which my pregnant fiance was stuck in, as the door, even though it was unlocked, wouldn't ope. The same car, ironically, where a different door opened itself when I went around a car park.)

  3. >Write more! Would love to read more from you!

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