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February 14, 2010

>Moments of Clarity

>The basic premise for the current WIP was determined many months ago, although, like everything we’ve written so far, it has evolved significantly from the initial idea that was swimming innocently around the ideas tank. Of course, many elements have remained (like the name of the main character) but others have changed beyond recognition.

It’s now at that stage where the real point of the story comes to life… and we’re suddenly not absolutely sure in which direction it needs to be taken. So, a little brainstorming took place via email and instant messenger, the result of which left us with 6 (count ’em!) possible story lines (not including subtle variations).

At the same time, we’re being asked for a synopsis of the story by our agent who is already excited by the prospect, even before it’s finished. No pressure there, then.

I was three paragraphs into the synopsis when I wrote what is (in my opinion) the killer opening line. Yes, that’s right, the Killer Opening Line (TM) was three paragraphs in. Naturally, paragraphs one and two were immediately victims of the delete key.

But that was the easy part. We already know how it starts, it was putting the meat on the bones which was more difficult. And then, after some thought, appeared another Killer Line (TM). On the back of that, came a Killer Twist (TM).

That moment of clarity was sheer bliss. A real moment to be savoured and enjoyed.

Since then, the story has gone nowhere, for all sorts of reasons (not least being forced to attend a gathering of writerly folk during the week. Oh, rain your pity upon me). Oh, and trying to work out the dynamics of the new, clever story line.

This coming week sees me at home as the children are on half-term. I have this grand idea that I shall awaken at the usual time and sit hammering the keyboard in the few quiet hours before they arise (we’re a family of night-owls, we don’t do mornings). I’m hoping that, at some point, the moments of clarity from this last week will magically transform into a Killer Storyline (TM).

The only downside? Even I’m not prepared to hit the wine (to aid the creative process) at that time of the morning…