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January 26, 2010


>Do you hear it?

No, not the sound of silence, the silence that accompanies a lack of blog updates. I mean the tap, tap, tap of keys on a keyboard.

I’m sorry for the brief hiatus, I had every intention of posting updates on a weekly basis at least but it doesn’t always work out to plan, especially when the writing gets in the way.

So, it’s a good thing, really. I’m not blogging because I’m writing. You’ll see from the panel on the right that there are now two Works In Progress. I’m not sure if that’s ambitious or just plain stupid, but after a good start on Book 3 I found that main character of Book 4 (not part of the series) calling out to me, demanding to tell his story.

Damn those crazy voices in my heard, needing to be heard.

Book 3 is far from abandoned, it’s just not receiving the same level of attention as Book 4 right now, but it will.

But, for now, Book 4 is having its turn in the spotlight, and I suspect it will remain there, determindly selfish, until completion.