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December 11, 2009

>Down time

>With the first edit-pass of book 2 now complete, it’s off to the beta readers for their comments. This small, select group of readers will give feedback of varying levels – one will send back the ms fully marked up with any grammar or spelling errors as well as comments on continuity or flow. Another has already completed his first read-through and has given feedback, but doesn’t really serve as a copy-editor – which isn’t to belittle his input in any way.

The biggest question for me, is what to do with the time I now have on my hands? I’ll wait for all the beta-readers to finish and give me corrections or comments before I do my own read-through, which leaves me a little lost.

Do I sit back and enjoy the rest (especially with Christmas just around the corner) or do I embark on the next step of the adventure? In other words, do I start another book?
And, if I do start another book, which one do I start? Do I start the next book in the series or, as was my original plan, go off and write something different, just for a change?

There is certainly no shortage of ideas. The “ideas tank” currently has about a dozen possibilities, just waiting for their moment in the sun, of which at least two are clamouring for my attention (and, if you add book 3 of the series, then there are 3 books calling out “Pick me, pick me!”).

It’s not an easy decision. What do you think?
Option 1: Sit back and wait for the beta readers. Relax.
Option 2: Start working on Book 3 of the series.
Option 3: Start working on something completely different.