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November 5, 2009

>Technology Geek Moment

>All you non-techies might want to look away now.

I’ve been pondering getting some sort of SmartPhone (TM) for a while, just so I always have access to email where-ever I am – just in case anything important happens.

My preference has been for an iPhone. I already have an iPod touch, and that does a good job just as long as I’m in reach of wi-fi, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to justify the cost – especially when my day-job already supplies me with a perfectly workable phone (which I don’t have to pay for).

My company uses Blackberrys (or should that be Blackberries?), but I have an slight aversion to them, and haven’t requested one. They’ve just signed up with a new network provider and are evaluating various phones, and as one of the resident techies, I’ve had the chance to play with a couple of them.

Sadly, the directive from the top has said “No iPhones.” Dammit.

So, we tried the HTC Touch Pro. And it was dreadful. Truly dreadful. Windows Mobile has a long way to catch up.

Now, we have the HTC Hero, and I’ve claimed it. It’s much better than the Touch Pro, but it’s no iPhone, but it shows promise. The Android O/S is still pretty new, and I think over time it will mature nicely. HTC’s Sense Interface is pretty decent too – responsive, smooth and reasonably intuitive (most of the time).

As a phone for our business, I don’t think it cuts it – especially up against the Blackberrys. It doesn’t feel Enterprise Ready – unlike the iPhone which has stacks of documentation on how to intergrate and lock-it down.

But, it’s OK. I like it, but I don’t love it. If they let me keep it, I won’t complain, but I’ll still be thinking of the day I can justify grabbing myself an iPhone.

Oh, and if this sounds like I’m a bit of a Fanboy – I’m not especially. I don’t believe Apple is the saviour of the Tech world, in the same way I don’t believe Microsoft is the Devil incarnate. Right tools for the job and all that (Windows 7, by the way, is excellent – if you’re in the market for a Windows upgrade).

On the writing front, I’ve had a lazy week as I’ve been reading more than I’ve been writing. As I mentioned last time, I read FIRE by Kristin Cashore and the recommendation still stands. I’m now reading Abigail Arrington’s PRECESSION – more on that next time.