>Another week? Already?

>I’d like to say something like “doesn’t time fly?” but, in reality, it doesn’t, not when you’re patiently waiting for something…

I tend to avoid posts which say “no news”, any extended silences can probably be interpreted as saying just that. You can be sure that as soon as there is news, it’ll be here. (It’ll probably be on Twitter first, though!)

This week I have been:
1. Writing – about 5,000 words or so this week. Reasonable progress on book 2.
2. Reading – HEAVEN CAN WAIT by Cally Taylor and FIRE by Kristin Cashore.

I can honestly recommend HEAVEN CAN WAIT, though it’s much more a book for the ladies than the gents, but if you’re willing to be entertained then it’s a very pleasant read. It’s one of those books that (and I have to word this very carefully) is written in such a simple, straight-forward way, no attempts at being “clever” – and I mean all those in the complementary sense. It’s no mean feat to write in such a way that doesn’t require the reader to go off hunting for the dictionary every other page to check the definition of an obscure word.

That still feels like I’m somewhat damning it with praise. To put it into context, I should say that it’s how I hope people will say that I write. It’s the way Richard Laymon used to write, and the way that Christopher Brookmyre writes (my two favourite authors). I’m not averse to “clever” writing, complex plots, unusual phrasing etc. but there are lots of times when I just want to immerse myself into a story and let it wash over me, and that’s not easy to do if the author is hell-bent on plucking archaic words from the lesser-thumbed pages of his dictionary.

I read HEAVEN CAN WAIT in two evenings. Thoroughly enjoyable, I recommend you grab yourself a copy.

As for FIRE: I haven’t finished it yet. It is the follow-up/prequel to GRACELING, both of which have received excellent reviews. I enjoyed GRACELING but I have to say that FIRE has all the hallmarks of an author now into her stride, with the first novel out of the way, more confident in her ability. It feels much more “together” than GRACELING, more mature perhaps.

I should add, at this point, that Kristin is represented (in part) by Lora Fountain – and it was Lora that recommended her books to me. But, I’m more than happy to echo that recommendation.

Next on the list is PRECESSION by my new Twitter friend Abigail Arrington, who is kindly sending me a signed copy (I paid for it, I’m no free-loader!). I’m really looking forward to it.


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