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September 23, 2009

>They really do make my head hurt

>I have never ‘blogged’ before now, this is my first blog, first and hopefully not my last!

I am a little nervous!

Anyway here goes – ages ago, I mentioned that I would offer my part of this experience, but up until now, have not had the time….yes yes, I know, we’re all busy eh!

Okay, I had a major family blow back in January 2004, I lost my father to the ‘BIG C’, and that’s enough about that, anyway, it got me thinking about the things that come to us all and how it actually works, and from this thought process, our first book series developed.

I always said, I am NOT a creative, and I am really not, but sometimes, through natural thought processes, ideas blossom to where questions need to be asked, questions that actually make my head hurt even thinking about them (they really do make my head hurt), throwing me into confusion and having to draw myself away from these thought processes because of the worry they will make my brain shut down.

Anyway, sometimes the answers to these difficult questions are not forthcoming, they just generate more thoughts. When a ‘non-creative’s’ mind is bursting with ideas, there needs to be an outlet, this outlet is the very talented writer that is Phil Marshall, so when we had a chat about ‘I want to write a book, will you write it?’, Phil offered his time and between us, we have one book under our belt, the second in the series is one third finished and a project plan for the remaining books in this particular series is done and sound.

My problem now though, is I am bombarding Phil with ideas about ‘other’ books, which I know are good sound stories, and not the same either, I think it’s important not to be predictable, so yes, we will finish this series, I hope by this time next year and I am excited about getting other questions, questions that make my head hurt answered.

Oh yeah, about that, between us, the dialogue (generally by email or MSN), has answered the questions that made my head hurt initially, so the moral to this is, anything you can’t resolve yourself….just talk it through with a friend, maybe they’ll write a book about it, as if you need the answer, then there will be 10,000,000 others out there wanting the same question answered. And trust me, these answers are not on WIKI!

*Note to self, stop using exclamation marks!