>Another Week

>I’ve just realised that it’s been a week since I added anything to the writing of Book 2. That’s not a major issue as I don’t stick to any specific schedule; I don’t torture myself by sitting in front of the PC and forcing the words to come – I tried that on Book 1 and it didn’t work.

This week I’ve just been a little busy on other things. Nothing major, but I’ve just not found any time for writing. I have found time for reading, though, so I haven’t been completely unproductive. I’ve read elsewhere that it’s a common problem that many writers don’t have time to read, so I’m actively trying to avoid that.

I’ve been reading a mixture of things though, as can be seen by the reading list on the right. Some of it is YA, which is only because they are lying around when my daughter reads them (or forgets about them). I’m pretty certain I won’t ever write YA, but it doesn’t hurt to see what others are up to.

I’ve also been catching up on some classics, courtesy of the free downloads at E-Reader, and have been reading them on my iPod. I found myself hugely enjoying THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (which ought not be a surprise), and also enjoyed WHITE FANG much more than THE CALL OF THE WILD. I’ve a few more to try, but a couple I’ve struggled to get into, so will leave those for now (and won’t admit here to which they are).

Although not actively writing, it’s not been a completely unproductive week. There have been numerous emails flying about concerning aspects of Book 3, firming up some plot details as well as picturing who you can see in certain roles (should it ever make it onto film – there’s nothing like having ambition, eh?)

In addition to Book 3, there have been 3 (count ’em!) ideas for completely unrelated novels. These are still, naturally, sketchy and might not amount to anything. Gut feeling, though, is at least one, probably two, will turn into a great idea. The other will probably fall by the wayside, or it might remain on the “possible” pile for a few years.

So, with 4 books planned in THE LONG SECOND series, at least 2 in the next series (referred to as LMS here), plus 3 possible ideas, the writing isn’t going to actually stop anytime soon.

And I’ll probably be writing more on Book 2 tonight… time permitting.

2 Comments to “>Another Week”

  1. >15 years ago I wrote something specifically basing the character's appearance (always vital for a written piece), upon that of an actor who at that time was in a popular TV show.Roll forward the years, and it turns out that he is actually quite uncomfortable in front of the character, and didn't like playing that role, so basing my own character's mannerism on the ones I presumed he brought to his role as an actor, rather than doing because the director told him to do so, was sadly wrong. And possibly plagiarism. So, as fond as I still am for that character, he's gone, he won't be back, nor seen by anyone else.Moral of the tale: don't confuse the actor with their appearance on screen.

  2. >Hi Marshall, I really like the optimism in your post. It's great that writers can lift the spirits of others, who might be "having a bad hair day". (In my case I haven't much hair, but I'm certainly in the doldrums at the moment).Thank you! I sincerely hope your creative flow continues unabated.

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