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September 6, 2009

>Tiny steps, giant leap.

>Yesterday was interesting.

In reality, it was always going to be positive. It would have been a pretty cruel trick to have been invited for a meeting only to be told “Please, for the good of everybody, never write again”, and I was reasonably confident that the writing wasn’t that bad.

In the event, the offer of representation was made almost immediately. Worldwide. On top of that, two publishers have already been approached and have expressed an interest based solely upon the basic synopsis that was given to them. There are two others which are also a good fit, and will be approached immediately too (at least I’m fairly certain that’s what she said).

And so the next step of the Waiting Game begins. In truth, we’ve come this far pretty quickly, but I think it’s been a lot more about luck than anything else. I’m certainly not claiming for one moment that we’ve reached this stage so quickly because of an astounding talent that only a fool would fail to see. That doesn’t mean that the short periods we’ve had to wait have been anything other than torturous, though, and this next period of waiting is going to be equally as nail-biting.

We’re hoping to have the website up and running soon, so you’ll be able to get a flavour of the story. We’ll keep you posted on that one.