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September 4, 2009

>On The Cusp

>One day to go to the “big meeting”, which is really only a “chat”, but it’s hard not to get excited and think about the possibilities.

Very little has happened over the past two weeks, though that’s not unexpected – it just falls into the category of “waiting”.

Of course, waiting time can be productive too. It’s a foolish writer who sits around and does nothing in these times. My daughter asked why I was writing another book when I hadn’t sold/published the first one yet – but she’s 10, so can be forgiven for not understanding the whole process.

Book 2 is progressing nicely, though a fairly significant plot change meant the scrapping of about 6000 words. It was surprisingly painless to do that – something which I think I found harder during the first book where every written word seemed to be precious, and deleting anything felt rather personal. You do get over that – you have to – and it’s better to accept it now than find yourself in a battle with an editor because you refuse to believe his requested changes are going to improve on your masterpiece. But I’m getting ahead of myself, making assumptions, thinking about the possibilties…

More updates tomorrow, when I return. Fingers crossed.